Want to Host a Race?

Have you ever wanted to HOST a race?  Are you looking to create a race as part of a fundraiser? Below is information that you NEED TO KNOW before jumping in.  We also have a FULL RESOURCE available for purchase online through Amazon.  Click on the picture below to learn more!


How to Host a Race: An A-Z Guide to Planning 5ks, Half Marathons, Fundraising Events and More


Who, When, Why, What and Where?

Answer these 5 basic questions to get started.


WHY: Why do you want to host a race?

Q: Do you want to help a non-profit?  Does your company need a new team-building idea?  Are you fundraising for a church?  Are you looking to make money?

A: This is the first question that you should ask yourself.  Answer it as simply as possible.  Be honest with yourself AND with the participants who are going to register for the event.  There is nothing wrong with making money from a race, so be honest and don’t mislead participants.


WHO: Who are you putting this event on for?

Q: Who is your target demographic? Your company? Your church? Friends and family?  Hardcore runners? Novice runners?

A: Figuring out who you are putting this event on for is vital.  Every decision you make needs to be filtered through lens.


WHEN: When did you want to host the race?

Q: What month and day of the week works best for your target demographic?  Have you looked at online race event calendars to see if any other local events are on that same day?

A: Races are typically held on Saturday or Sunday mornings, when most people are off of work.  However, depending on your target demographic, you might want to have the race during the week or maybe even at night.


WHAT: What type of race do you want to host?

Q: What distance or type of race would get the most people in your target demographic to register? There are many options including: 5k, 10k, half marathon, color run, adventure race, etc.

A: The point of hosting a race is to get as many participants as possible.  Cast a wide net and do something that appeals to most people in your target demographic.


WHERE: Where did you want to host your race?

Q: Who’s permission do you need? Will the location you pick hold the amount of people you want to have participate? Are there permits and procedures that you need to follow?

A: Location, Location, Location.  Doing research for an ideal location needs to be one of the first things you do when creating a race.  Many details hinge on your location.



Sound daunting? With 7 years of racing planning experience and over two dozen events under our belt, we can create or manage a race for YOU!  

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