Double Half Marathon Training

There is no training program for two half marathons in one day… we looked. This event is unique! I hope you are as excited to run in this challenging event as we are to host it!

If you are running the Double Half Marathon, you should know what to expect from a 13.1 mile run. You’ve most likely completed a half marathon before and you are looking to push your personal limits even farther. Congratulations on accepting that challenge!

This training program is more intense than your typical half marathon training program. But it is necessary since you will be completing TWO half marathons in ONE day!

This program puts the two longest runs of the week back to back. That will help your body build up the necessary endurance needed for the event and will also build up your body’s ability to recover faster.

There is a ‘step back’ week on week 7. This will allow your body to rest a bit, even though you will still be logging miles. Week 10 is a very important (and intimidating) week. It has you running 13 miles in back to back runs. It will be very important to not miss this because it will give your body a taste of what to expect two weeks later.

The training program is set up to be as flexible as possible.  You do not have to complete these runs on any specific day of the week.  Do your best to not miss a run.  If you do have to skip a run, do NOT skip the weekly long run.  These are extremely important because they help build up your endurance.

Double Half Marathon Training Program

Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Long Run
Week 1 3 miles 3 miles 4 miles 5 miles
Week 2 3 miles 3 miles 4 miles 6 miles
Week 3 3 miles 3 miles 5 miles 7 miles
Week 4 4 miles 4 miles 5 miles 8 miles
Week 5 4 miles 4 miles 6 miles 9 miles
Week 6 4 miles 5 miles 7 miles 10 miles
Week 7 4 miles 5 miles 6 miles 8 miles
Week 8 4 miles 6 miles 7 miles 11 miles
Week 9 4 miles 6 miles 8 miles 12 miles
Week 10 5 miles 5 miles 13 miles 13 miles
Week 11 5 miles 5 miles 8 miles 10 miles
Week 12 4 miles 8 miles 4 miles Double Half!

Good Luck!