5K Training

From beginners to professionals, the 5k distance is both fun and challenging.  Whether you are entering your first event, or trying to set a new personal record, a 5 kilometer (3.1 miles) race can help push you to become the best runner you can be.

A training program is essential to having a great race day run.  It gives you the blueprints for success.  A training program takes a lot of the guess work out of your preparation and allows you to focus on what you need to do to accomplish your personal goal for the event.

The 6 week training program below has you running 4 times a week.  The three week day runs get your body used to running on a regular basis, while the weekly long run, pushes your endurance to new limits and prepares you for the 3.1 miles you will be running on race day.

The training program is set up to be as flexible as possible.  You do not have to complete these runs on any specific day of the week.  Do your best to not miss a run.  If you do have to skip a run, do NOT skip the weekly long run.  These are extremely important because they help build up your endurance.

The number one thing about running is to keep it FUN!  Find out what works for you!  Remember, running a race is more than just the one day event.  The entire training program is part of the process.  If you prepare properly, you will have a great race day experience.  Good luck!

5K Training Program
Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Long Run
Week 1 1 mile 1 mile 1 mile 1 mile
Week 2 1 mile 1 mile 1 mile 2 miles
Week 3 1 mile 1.5 miles 1 mile 2 miles
Week 4 1 mile 2 miles 1 mile 2.5 miles
Week 5 1 mile 2 miles 1 mile 3 miles
Week 6 1 mile 2 miles 1 mile 5k race!

Good luck!